Grabbler a New Word Game :

July 29, 2009

Grabbler a New Word Game :

Word games are the most interesting and engaging form of board games. Its also serves a very useful and progressive educational purpose as it helps one and all to improve their spelling and language skills. Solving crossword
puzzles, which requires familiarity with larger vocabulary, is a pastime that mature adults have long credited for keeping their minds sharp.grabbler

Most word games require skills like alertness, a well-developed vocabulary, and excellent general language skills, including comprehension, spelling and patience. People who play these games witness a lot of improvement
in their daily work.

You can find many different word games or word puzzles; the main goal is to form words out of given letters. Some good word games are easily available in the market and on the net like grabbler, jumble,
lettercube, scrabble etc.

According to me the most interesting word game amongst all is “Grabbler”. Grabbler is a multi-player board game that rivals scrabble, its almost the antithesis of scrabble. There are various word games out on the internet where for a single player not multi-players and that’s what I find most advantageous in grabbler.

Grabbler challenges users to build their vocabulary. The game play requires the players to create interlocking words using alphabets placed on cubes while the strategy involves grabbing as many cubes of your opponents as possible.

Grabbler is a game, where players are given a 12×12 grid of letters with four cubes arranged in the center of the game board and the player must create a word that forms from one of them. Players can also select the cube and rotate to change the letter displayed. The game continues untill each players passes one after the other till they cannot form any new words from the grid. Like with the initial four cubes, and like Scrabble, players can try interconnect and use their opponent’s letters for more points. As you can probably guess, the one with the most points at the end of the game wins.

If you are not aware and have not played yet, do try out this  interesting game at least once with your friends and please do mail me your views.



  1. This game rocks!

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