Tips for Winning Chinese Checkers

September 11, 2009

Chinese checkers is an easy board game to play because of its simple rules. 2, 3 4 or 6 players can play Chinese Checkers. The winner is the first player that manages to move his 10 marbles to the opposite star corner of the board.

Chinese Checkers

Chinese Checkers

Though the rules for playing Chinese checkers are easy, it can be difficult to win this game. I would like to share with you some winning tips that can help you play your next game better:

Knowing your opponent : This the 1st step in winning the game. Try to study your opponents. If they are new, your half battle is won. If they are smart you need to be more careful in making the moves..

Keep an eye on the opponent’s moves :  Block your opponent by placing your marble in his way, if you see him setting up a row of marbles that he can hop all the way over to your side with.

Move marbles in groups :  Moving multiple marbles help you get more jumping opportunities . This can help you jump over your own marbles as well.

Use Direct Route : Always try to use the straight route through the middle of the board to get to your goal area before your opponent reaches his goal area. Try not to place your marbles into any unused parts of the board so that you don?t have to make extra moves to bring them to your goal.

Filling up your Goal Area : Move your marbles on every row surrounding your goal area.  This helps you in filling your goal area with less moves as you can continue to jump over your own pieces and makes it easier for you to win the game.

Try using these tips and you could win your next game of Chinese Checkers…..Good Luck!!!


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