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Online Puzzle Games

September 1, 2009

Online Puzzle Games

We all know that our life itself is a kind of puzzle, accepting challenges, solving problems. its a day to day struggle. I think thats the reason why we humans are so fond of Puzzle games.

Nowadays, puzzle games have increased by leaps and bounds and so has their variants. They are easily the highest searched type of online games. Well, what is it that has everyone so hooked to playing puzzle games online??

From the name Puzzle itself, its understood that its a form of game which test our grey cells to the maximum . Many a times, you have to find alternative ways to tackle the game. It is said to be one of the best forms of stress-busters, as it mentally challenges you and you forget all your tensions and worries.. atleast I do.. I get so tuned into playing the puzzle that I tend to forget all my other woes.

Some interesting puzzle games available online are The Hidden Prophesies of Nostradamus, Totem Tribe, The Hidden World of Art, Fabulous Finds, Mushroom age etc. Jigsaw puzzles and inlays are said to be most suitable for children as they hold the child’s attention for the most amount of time.

Do go through this site to play the latest online Puzzle games, they will surely keep all your boredom at bay –


8-Ball Billiards Game

July 21, 2009

Billiards Game :

Nowadays, its seen that kids and adults are extremly addicted to online games. I, myself love to pass each free moment I have playing 8 Ball Billiards Game.

I must have read all possible strategies, tips and tricks that are available online to master this game. The variations of this game are many.. to name a few – 9- ball, cutthroat, Euro 8 ball, 3 balls, trick shots etc.

Following are the FOULS I came accross while exploring online.

*The shooter fails to strike one of his/her own object balls (or the 8 ball, if all of said object balls are already pocketed) with the cue ball, before other balls (if any) are contacted by the cue ball. This includes “split” shots, where the cue ball strikes one of the shooter’s and one of the opponent’s object ball simultaneously.
* No ball comes into contact with a cushion or is pocketed, after legal cue ball contact with the (first) object ball (or 8 ball, if shooting for the 8).
* The cue ball is pocketed (“scratched”)
* The shooter does not have at least one foot on the floor (this requirement may be waived if the shooter is disabled in a relevant way, or the venue has not provided a mechanical bridge)
* The cue ball is shot before all balls have come to a complete stop from the previous shot
* The cue ball is struck more than once during a shot
* The cue ball is jumped entirely or partially over an obstructing ball with an illegal jump shot that scoops under the cue ball
* The cue ball is clearly pushed (shoved slowly, rather than struck), with the cue tip remaining in contact with it more than momentarily
* The shooter touches the cue ball with something other than the tip of the cue
* The shooter touches any ball (with body, clothing or equipment), other than as necessary to move the cue ball when the player has ball-in-hand
* The shooter knocks a ball off the table
* The shooter has shot out-of-turn
* On the break shot, no balls are pocketed and fewer than four balls reach the cushions (in which case the incoming player can demand a re-rack and take the break or force the original breaker to re-break, or may take ball-in-hand behind the head string and shoot the balls as they lie)


Online Car Racing Games

July 6, 2009

Online Car Racing

Online Car Racing

Online Car Racing Games:

For many who dream to participate in a car race or want to become a car racer but cannot do it in real can fulfill their dreams by playing online. Car racing games played online are very realistic giving the experience of winning a real car race. Car racing games can be customized with different body parts.

Playing video games offers good entertainment and are a good form of relaxation. Nowadays, with the improvement in technology these games can be played with best visuals and sound details. New games with new challenges are continuously developed by the game creators.

FuelTank and Need for Speed are the common car racing games that are played by all age groups. Time runs out quickly in a Fuel Game. You have to be very fast. You need to keep the radiator spring working using the collected gas. Need for speed is a dangerous form of racing and hence most thrilling and exciting. It requires lot of practice to take down the enemy.

Car racing or car driving games are not easy to play. These games require lot of concentration and practice but the excitement one experiences is as realistic as participating in a real car race.

So if you always wanted to participate in a car race but didnt have the time, money, energy or will.. you can always get going by playing online to experience the thrill…


Kavita Shah a Bejeweled 2 World Champion :

July 1, 2009

Kavita Shah a Bejeweled 2 World Champion :

One of my favorite online game is Bejeweled, I keep my self updated to all that is happening in that game.I have a penchant for reading about all the gurus of this game. There have been many experts in this gaming field and one of the great champ is “Kavita Shah”.Bejeweled 2 Deluxe_7526

Playing online games is not a hard task as Kavita has proved this by winning the latest tournament which was held on 15th may 2009. She has been a source of inspiration to many women, encouraging them to gain expertise in playing online games.

Kavita Shah, thinks that lady luck is always on her side when she plays online Bejeweled. She won not through her ability to oversee thousands of troops and equipment in a real-time strategy game, or for her skills with rocket-launchers and railguns in first-person shooter games. Rather, Kavitha topped thousands of other players in the games Solitaire and PopCap Games’ Zuma and Bejeweled 2 “casual games.”

Kavita says, “because it was the only game that I knew I would do better in than anyone else at the tournament. Having one of the three competition games ‘in the bag’ was a huge confidence booster.” She is the person who invented the popular casual games on the web. In the beginning, she used to play Bejeweled 2 game just for the fun but later on it became a part of her relaxation, beyond that it provided many other benefits. Even after winning the $1 million prize, she still play for 2 to 3 hours per day. she plays it wherever she can, at her home, at the airport while waiting for her flight, in the bus….

Kavitha plays for sizable cash purses almost daily, and estimates she’s won more than $150,000 in 2008 alone.

Kavitha now studies law at the University of Michigan.She has paid her fees from her winnings. Her winnings have helped her to pay for school, a house, and recently a trip to Greece.

When she was not buried under law school textbooks, she used to enjoys movies, philosophical debates, college football, kayaking, photography, racquetball, traveling and spending time with her husband.

Interesting personality.. isn’t she???


Free Online Games

June 29, 2009

Free Online Games

Today you have  the  advantage  of  playing free games  on  the  Internet.   Free PC Games are a great form of entertainment enjoyed by all age group people, young and old. These games give you a break from your daily routine and offers good entertainment to break the monotony of life. They are a great way to unwind, relax and entertain yourself.

Few of my favorite games are –

1) Flash Arcade Games

Flash arcade games today are more innovative and exciting then the conventional arcade games. Although video games and pinball machines started off being the most popular arcade games, today with Flash there are several innovative and exciting games like Alien, Lunar Command and Black Knight among others.

2) Puzzles

A puzzle is a brain teaser where you try and reach a newer and higher level each time, not only trying to beat your opponent but your own score as well. Creating balance and harmony, aligning symmetry and putting rows, columns, blocks and balls in order is what puzzle games aim to do. Climbing a new level by beating your last, linking squares, connecting pipes and creating symmetry from chaos is what Puzzle games are all about. Tube Crisis, Paint Ball, Rings and Sticks are some of the puzzles that will stimulate your grey cells and bring you lots of fun and excitement as well.

3) Action Games

Action games are games that typically focus on speed, physical prowess of the characters involved, quick reflexes, good hand-eye coordination skill. Mortal Kombat, Quake and Tomb Raider are some examples of action games.

I am busy updating my list of favourite board games, do check this blog for more updates…