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Apples to Apples – A Party and Educational Fun Game

September 1, 2009
Playing a Apples to Apples board game

Playing Apples to Apples board game

Apples to Apples is an interesting board game for all age group people above 12 yrs. You can call it a party game as it can be enjoyed with entire family and friends or an educational board game as it can also be played within a classroom. 4-10 players are required to play the game. This game has become very popular because of its simple rules and the variations it has.

Rules to play Apples to Apples Board Game:

Each player is dealt seven “red apple” cards; with a noun printed on each card.

One player is selected as the judge of the game.

The judge will be the first dealer who draws a “green apple” card on which an adjective is printed and places it face-up on the table for everyone to see.

The judge also distributes seven cards to all players (clockwise direction) including himself.

How to play Apples to Apples

Apples to Apples

Apples to Apples

The judge draws a green topic apple card from the top of the pile.

All players should select the red apple card that is the most appropriate match to the green topic card and place it face down in the middle of the table.

All the cards are collected and shuffled by the judge. The judge then decides which card best matches the green card. The player who had placed the winning red card is the winner of the round and collects the green card signifying the win.

All players then draw red cards until they have seven again, and the next round begins with a new judge. Generally, it is the next player in line playing the role of new judge.

The final winner is the player who succeeds in collecting pre-designated number of green apple cards.

This game has various variants too.. I have read some of them at wikipedia.. and found

them pretty interesting.. So I thought I’ll share it with my readers…

Variations of Apples to Apples (courtesy: wikipedia) –

Apple Potpourri: Each player selects a red apple card from his or her hand before the judge turns over the green apple card. After the red apple cards are played, the judge turns over a green apple card. As usual, the judge then selects the winning red apple card.

Apple Traders: To stir things up, on each turn, each player selects one red apple card from his or her hand to pass on to the player on his or her left. Players pass the cards after drawing their seventh card but before the judge selects a green apple card.

Apple Turnovers: The roles of red and green cards are reversed, with players using adjectives to describe the given noun. This can be stymied by the relatively low number of green cards in the box (a third as many as reds).

Apples Eye View: The Judge must pick a red apple card based upon the point of view of somebody, or something else (a house cat, Rush Limbaugh, Bill Clinton, a speck of dust, etc). The player to the left of the Judge determines which point of view the Judge must use for that round.

Baked Apples: After each player plays one card, the judge lays them face up and, instead of announcing the winner, identifies the non-winning cards first, each time explaining why it was not selected. The role of judge passes on to the winner of each round.

Big Apples: Two or more players boasting that the judge will pick their card can agree to each wager one of their green apple cards. If the judge selects one of their red apple cards, that player wins the green apple card and all of the wagered green apple cards. If the judge does not pick one of their red apple cards, the wagered cards are forfeited to the bottom of the card stack.

Crab Apples: The red apple cards are judged on how unlike they are to the green apple card. The card least like the green apple card wins.

2 for 1 Apples: The judge turns over two green apple cards to start the round. Each player selects the red apple card from his or her hand that is best described by both green apple cards. After the judge selects a red apple card, both of the green apple cards are awarded to the winner.

Well, isn’t Apples to Apples a fun as well as educational game to play??

It can be a good form of entertainment at your next party.