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Free Online Games

June 29, 2009

Free Online Games

Today you have  the  advantage  of  playing free games  on  the  Internet.   Free PC Games are a great form of entertainment enjoyed by all age group people, young and old. These games give you a break from your daily routine and offers good entertainment to break the monotony of life. They are a great way to unwind, relax and entertain yourself.

Few of my favorite games are –

1) Flash Arcade Games

Flash arcade games today are more innovative and exciting then the conventional arcade games. Although video games and pinball machines started off being the most popular arcade games, today with Flash there are several innovative and exciting games like Alien, Lunar Command and Black Knight among others.

2) Puzzles

A puzzle is a brain teaser where you try and reach a newer and higher level each time, not only trying to beat your opponent but your own score as well. Creating balance and harmony, aligning symmetry and putting rows, columns, blocks and balls in order is what puzzle games aim to do. Climbing a new level by beating your last, linking squares, connecting pipes and creating symmetry from chaos is what Puzzle games are all about. Tube Crisis, Paint Ball, Rings and Sticks are some of the puzzles that will stimulate your grey cells and bring you lots of fun and excitement as well.

3) Action Games

Action games are games that typically focus on speed, physical prowess of the characters involved, quick reflexes, good hand-eye coordination skill. Mortal Kombat, Quake and Tomb Raider are some examples of action games.

I am busy updating my list of favourite board games, do check this blog for more updates…