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Forms of Poker Games

June 15, 2009

Forms of Poker Games:

Texas Holdem : Texas Hold’em first played in Las Vegas is the most popular form of poker today. It is one of the most popular Poker Variants and all time favorite of casino players.  The advent of online poker further added to the popularity of Texas Hold’em.

In this game each player has seven cards. It is similar to seven card stud, the main difference being that all the players get just two face-down cards and five face-up community cards.

The most popular texas holdem games are Limit and No Limit Hold ?em
games. If you are a beginner it is good to start playing Limit Texas Hold’em first. It is a very easy game to learn; just a few hours of practice and you can be playing fairly well.

No-limit Holdem is more popular that limit holdem. In No-Limit Hold’em you play your opponents than just playing the cards. A good hand in no limit game can make a large enough bet to discourage players from chasing a draw hand.

Seven Card Stud Poker: Seven Card Stud is a form of stud poker with three
variations – low, high and high-low. In seven-card low, the player with the lowest hand wins while in seven-card high the player with the highest-ranking wins. In the high-low game of seven card stud; players with both the highest hand and the lowest hand compete to win the pot, claiming half each. It is a very easy game to learn; just a few hours of practice and you can be playing fairly well.

Omaha: If you are familiar with Texas Holdem you can easily learn Omaha.
In texas holdem you deal with two cards whereas in omaha you get four. However, you have to use two cards though you have more hand combination. Omaha has 2 versions – Omaha High only and Omaha High-Low Eight or Better. The Hi-Lo seems to be the most popular than Omaha high only as it allows you to split the pot with the lowest
qualifying low hand.

I feel the above forms of poker are suitable for beginners.

I would keep adding more from time to time. However, I would recommend you to start playing at freerolls first and when familiar fully with the game start playing for real money.


Poker Tips for Beginners

June 12, 2009

Poker Tips for Beginners:

Poker is a game of skill. It requires a thorough knowledge of the game and some talent. There should be some basic poker rules that should be kept in mind before joining a table. These poker tips will help to improve your game and become a better poker player.

Learn the Poker Terminology – To play any game, one must be thoroughly conversant with its rules and terminology.  Find an online poker glossary and study the poker terms. You must understand the difference between a big blind and a little blind, raising and folding, a straight and a flush before you decide to play. It is also essential that you are completely focused on the game. You should know when to fold and when to bet.

Learn the Poker Variations – Poker has more variations than any other card game. Many poker sites allow you to practice for free Try out a few so that you know which one is best for you.

Understand your Opponents – Try to understand the mindset of your opponents. Observe their behavior during different situations at play. Study the expressions on their faces to guess what they have in their hands. Change your tactics and confuse your opponents; avoid being predictable. If you are playing online concentrate on calculating the poker odds and probabilities, and plan your poker strategy accordingly.

Play smart – Learn from your mistakes and use strategy in your game.  Manage your money wisely. Don’t gamble with money that you can’t afford to lose. If you must quit then do it.

Most importantly, enjoy playing the game. If you do not enjoy the game it is a waste of all your efforts!!!