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Shuffling of cards :

July 14, 2009

Shuffling of cards :

Most often, players face a lot of problem in randomizing the cards, and this can create a huge problem when they are playing at a table with out a professional dealer. This mostly happen when they play home games or as a self dealt game where-in each player gets a turn to shuffle and deal. Players who cant shuffle face problems as shuffling is one of the key criteria for any kind of card game.showImage.aspx

The main objective of shuffling is to change the order of cards in the deck.
As time passes, people have started shuffling in various ways such as The Overhand Shuffle, Table Riffle Shuffle, In-air Riffle Shuffle, Faro Shuffle, Hindu Shuffle, Weave Shuffle etc. The way one shuffles differs, it is interestingly, country dependent. Overhand shuffle is most widely used in European countries and riffle shuffle in USA. In Europe, people find it difficult to Riffle shuffle, they feel its too fancy and prefer to carry on with Overhand shuffling.

Everyone can’t shuffle properly without practice or experience. You can learn it only by observing and then practicing until your hands get used to the motion.

You can view some online videos to master this art.