Mochy Crowned Backgammon World Champion 2009

August 20, 2009

Mochy Crowned Backgammon World Champion 2009

Backgammon is a board game of two players, its seen that, it has attracted an immense number of players. I truely believe that though luck plays a important role to win this game, strategy too is a major ingredient for a win .glgiantsalbum6

My belief of luck and strategy is supported by Masayuki Mochizuk game, he is a well known Japanese Backgammon player who won World Backgammon Championship 2009. 173 players took part in the tournament and every one paid ?1,000, entry fee for the 2009 World Backgammon Champion!

Mochy Mochizuki was titled as world’s best backgammon Champions after defeating Lars Trabolt, world’s Backgammon champion 2008, at the finals held at Monte Carlo World
Championship, sponsored by online gambling site CasinoRip.com.

Mochy is the first Japanese champion in the history of the world backgammon championships, and probably one of the youngest players (born in 1979) to achieve this impressive title.


One comment

  1. Mochy has been playing backgammon professionally before he turned 20.
    He was awarded the player with the lowest error rate in Nordic open backgammon competition.

    More on Masayuki Mochizuki

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