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Kalooki Basic strategy

July 7, 2009

Kalooki Basic strategy

Rummy is one of the most popular card games in the world. It has many variations,  one of them is Kalooki. It’s a pretty exciting card game played by 2 to 4 players. It’s very popular and mostly played in UK. If you want to learn to play Kalooki, you should be aware of some basic strategies. Your Chances of winning can be doubled by following these simple rules and strategies.

Kalooki is played with a 2 deck of playing cards with 2 jokers in it i.e 106 cards in total. Each player is dealt 13 of these cards and take it in turns to get rid of them. The winner is the first one to do so.
The ability to draw right cards from the stock is the most important while playing this game. While discarding the cards, one should notice that your opponent shouldn’t get any benefit or it should not be utilizable.

Most important, you should always keep your eyes open and focus when your opponent discards and picks the cards, this can tell you a lot about the hand of your opponent.

If you meld a joker, make use of it. Make sure your opponents won’t replace it with another significant card.

Normally a player won’t be able to Go Kalooki if his/her opponents have already laid down their melds.

I am busy mastering Gin Rummy Read this space for the latest tips and strategies..