Board Games for all age groups :

July 28, 2009

Board Games for all age groups :

Planning to spend some quality time with your family, but confused as
to how you can involve the entire family, the parents as well as
children. Well, one option that can be considered is Board Games.
Nowadays, different kinds of Board Games are available that can be
enjoyed by all age groups.

A board game  is a game which includes counters or playing pieces that
are placed on, removed from, or moved across a game board in
accordance with the play of the game.

There are many different types of board games for all age levels
ranging from simple Checkers game to a more complicated game like
Cluedo.  Board games created especially for small children are Clue
Junior or Monopoly Junior., Sponge Bob Monopoly, Candy Land, Trouble
and Sorry.

Few Games that suit both the adults and children are :

Scrabble : All age group people can enjoy this game.  Scrabble
involves word choices and spelling and a good memory skill. It is
almost like a crossword puzzle game.  Elderly people can benefit a lot
playing this mentally-stimulating game.

Monopoly: Monopoly is a timeless classic game.  This game can be
enjoyed by 7 year young children as well as 90 year elderly people
mainly because it is a game about strategy, chance, luck and
ultimately about greed.  The only drawback about Monopoly is that a
single game can take hours to complete.

Especially for toddlers –

Don’t Break the Ice : This is a game for ages 3-6.  It involves two or
more players.  The object of this game is to slowly break out pieces
of “ice” without causing the polar bear to fall through the ice.

Candyland :  Though the game is for 3-6 age group children, adults too
enjoy this game.  It involves 2 to 4 players with the main object of
being the first person to get their colorful gingerbread man around
the board and reach the Candy Castle first.

Chutes and Ladders : This board game is for three to ten years old and
require two to four players. The object of this board game is to be
the first person to the top of the board without getting slide back
down to the bottom by a chute. Here, you go up the ladders and slide
back down the chutes!

I am in the process of finding more board games that suit teenagers whims
and fancies.. Do mail me some options..


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