Winning in Monopoly

August 24, 2009

There are excessive board games available today, however, Monopoly has remained an all time favorite across the globe.



The only drawback of this extremely successful game is that though many people love it they don’t play it regularly as it takes a lot of time to complete it.  Even after starting the game and getting involved, the only thought that comes to our mind is When will this game end?? Still, we have the urge to play as Monopoly is real fun.

Monopoly involves: Money, backstabbing, wheeling & dealing and some luck. Monopoly is for all money lovers and there are a very few people who say that they are not fond of money. You need to be good at making money and if you are known for making wrong descions in business than you are sure to lose this game.

For those good at making money here are some rules and strategies that can help you win the Monoploy game and finish it quickly.

Play according to the Official Rules: The fastest way to end the game is to play the game according to the rules. Don’t purchase Free Parking. Don’t allow people free visits when they land on your property. If you do not want the game to drag… Don’t play nice!!! as you forget the cardinal reason for playing the game.

Keep in Mind your end Goal : You main goal in Monopoly is to make everyone go bankrupt except you. You have to own everything so that everyone has nothing and that’s the end of the game. You win!!! Keep this always in your mind while playing. If you be nice you lose. That’s the reason I told you Don’t be nice. After all its just a game and not reality….

Properties : Properties in the orange and violet groups, as well as the railroads can be valuable as these receive the most traffic and take less money to develop. On the first round around the board buy EVERY piece of property you land on. Owning as much property as possible is the main key to winning the game.

Prefer Houses to Hotels : Always monopolize the houses also and not just properties. According to the Monopoly rules every game has 32 houses and 12 hotels. You need 4 houses to begin with because to build a hotel you need build 4 houses first. By purchasing houses you can also create a house shortage for your opponents, making it difficult for them to build houses or hotels.

One useful Tip : Always keep some money in reserve. Don’t forget, you’ll have to pay rents and other fees.

Remember these simple rules and you can make huge amounts of money in this popular game called Monopoly.


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